Saturday, 23 April 2016


Hello People!

How lucky I was to be in Italy just the day the amazing Kiko Wanderlust collection launched?
Well, we get Kiko in UK too but in Italy it's a bit cheaper so the haul was mandatory!

First of all this collection is pure packaging porn.
The genius beyond this curved gold and shiny cases is the designer Ross Lovegrov, known worldwide for his futuristic works.

The collection is quite big, with BB creams, foundations, blushers, bronzers, brushes etc.
Prices are a bit higher than normal Kiko standard but the limited edition collections are normally more expensive than the basic line.

Now, if you are familiar with previous Kiko summer collections, you will notice there are some products that have been kind of repromoted.
The baked bronzers, the multi colour baked blushers, the BB creams and the compact are basically a constant of every summer collection.

I read some negative comments regarding some products reappearing every year but to be honest I did not find this a boring repetition at all.

These products are so good you really want to see them in every year's collection.

The foundations, compacts and the DD creams are sun proof, waterproof, sweat proof and are a must if you can't say no to make up even if you are on the beach.

Last year's BB cream was my holy grail, I could go on all day long with no retouches needed in the hottest days in Italy in August, so welcome Kiko for doing this stuff every single year.

So, here is what I got:

Desert Dunes Baked Bronzer in Warm Melange

I missed last year's one, I was not gonna do the same mistake.
This is one dream of a bronzer.
It blends to an incredibly light and natural fine powder with a very subtle shimmer.
I just pop a tiny bit on my cheekbones for that summery tanned touch.
Later on in the summer I will probably go wild with a kabuki all over my face.

Free Spirit Lips and cheeks pencil in 103 free flamingo


Wow wow wow to this big chunky pencil...and the sharpener that comes with it.
It has got a semi matte finish and this particular shade is a intense cherry red.

Now, I don't really like the idea of using this on my cheeks, I find this particular shade quite hard to blend and dry as a blusher so I will stick to it as a lipstick.

On the lips it's amazing, not sticky or too dry and this red it's just my cup of tea.

Mirage Lip Stylo in fired earth pink 03

In all the sea of matte lipsticks I decided to indulge in this creamy shiny formula.
I went for this brownish-pink just to give my red lips obsession a little break.

I really like it as a natural shade that isn't too "nude".
It's quite comfortable to wear, soft, creamy and the pigmentation is quite intense.

It won't last more than two three hours and won't survive 5 minutes if you eat, but nevermind, it is so beautiful that you will love picking it up from your bag to re-apply it.

Of course, I am not done with this collection at all, but I am waiting for some offers or discounts to buy more.
On the wish list: the brushes, the highlighters and more lipsticks.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


In terms of skincare, here is no doubt oriental countries just know and do it better!

The extreme research and attention to ingredients and the accurate use of the right products to built an appropriate and suitable morning and night routine is a tradition we are happy to learn from our Japanese, korean, chinese cousins.

 One of the most established make up and skincare brand is Suqqu and we are lucky enough to have several counters here in UK.

I visited few times the one in Selfridges Exchange in Manchester, after reading about how good were the products I can totally agree with the positive reviews.

Every Suqqu counter offers complimentary consultations to help you identify your skin type, its needs and the products to suits it best.

This is extremely important especially if you have special issues (my main concern is pigmentations).

You can have mini facials (the way they remove make up is EPIC, a true ritual), make overseas and massages (more on this in another post).

I loved going throughout all the cleansers, toners, creams, all the ingredients were explained to me in detail and a perfect ideal routine was suggested.

I was invited for a mini facial and a make over and it was incredibly pleasant.

The part I loved most? The application of the Face Refresher, left soaking with a sheet mask-kind technique and the make up make over, particularly the way they did the base. I looked natural but flawless.

I was invited again few weeks back to have a look to the SS16 make up collection (OH YES OF COURSE I  COMING LIKE RIGHT NOW!!!)

The collection respects the full tradition of the brand, emphasizing a spotless complexion and a subtle and natural make up, with some bold touches in perfect summery style.

The piece to die for is, in my opinion, the EX-04 Face Color Palette, an incredibly fine and iridescent duo with an highlighter and a peachy pink blush (£45).

The eyeshadows palettes are very wearable shades, the EX-28 is the one I like most (£45).

If you like juicy and shiny lips with the comfort of the balm, then you are gonna love the Dual Lip Color (£20), creamy glossy balms in a pot.

I loved theor take on bold nails for summer, look how gorgeous is that cherry red polish (EX-13 £18).

Here is the final look and No, no filter used!

Cullen eyes ah ah!
You will notice the price tag is quite important but you know what? Sometimes it's nice to invest in some high end pieces and Suqqu is for me totally worth the money.

Consider it as the it designer bag you buy even if you wear a primark dress!

If you are close to a Suqqu counter, I strongly recommend a visit and a talk with the girls, they are incredible and you will be surprised by what they can do to your skin.

You can buy Suqqu online aswell.

Hope you'll find this post useful.

Talk to you soon!

Monday, 28 March 2016


Hello everybody and Happy Bank Holiday week end!

If you are thinking about treating yourself to some Kiko Milano make up, this is the time.

There is an amazing promotion at the moment you will not be able to resist.

The offer is the following: buy 3 products, get other 3 for free.

It is valid online and in store but I don't know how long it will go on for.

You can buy as many things as you want, so if you buy 6, you get other 6 for free, etc.

The free products will be the cheapest of your chosen ones.

I went a bit crazy in store yesterday and yet, I wish I'd bought more.
Who am I kidding, I am so gonna go back!

I picked up things with the same price more or less so I got nearly a good 50% off my total.

Here we go...

Campus Idol Face Brush 02, Artist Powder face brush, Artist Foundation face brush.

The limited edition Kiko brushes are my guilty pleasure. No way I skip the purchase.
These are incredibly soft, densely packed and the foundation one is incredibly good to apply foundation and concealer.

All Star Face Palette Campus Idol Collection, 01 and 02

This palette had to be bought. The cardboard case is quite sturdy and all the shades are good contour shades for me. It is basically ideal to keep in my travel make up bag. I got 02 for me and 01 for a friend.

Superstar Eyes Set 

This is a set from the 2015 Christmas collection and it's a super bargain.
I think I paid around 9 quids for it and the set includes a mascara, an eyeliner, a kajal and an eyes, neck and face serum.  Bingo!

On my wishlist for the next round are some lipsticks and concealers, what about yours?

Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Note to self: the next time a bunch of top bloggers are invited to a free sponsored masterclass with the most famous and requested make up artist on the planet (Mario Dedivanovic) be a little bit careful in trusting their final judgment regarding the sponsored products because, you see, they may be a little bit far from honest.

This is exactly what happened when all the L'oreal Sculpt collection came out.

IG was full of beauty guru squealing with joy and excitement about how good and innovative this new range of products was.

I asked few times on L'oreal social medias when the products where gonna be released but of course there was no answer (if you are familiar with how terrible is the brand with social media you know why I said "of course").

Few bloggers told me it was gonna be launched half March, no need to say it was mid February and I found everything in Superdrug.

Without any hesitation I bought the Infallible Sculpt Contouring Base Foundation (£8.99), The Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette (£9.99) and the Infallible Sculpt Blush Trio (£7.99).

The first product to apply should be the base, that is described as a light coverage foundation with shade adapting pigments to match all the skintones.

 It comes in two shades, 01 light (very pinkish undertone) and 03 medium dark, I got the second one.

So explain me L'oreal, what the hell should we do with this?

It's not a primer, it doesn't give any coverage so do not call it foundation please.

How could you ever think that two shades were gonna match every single skintone? Smart Pigments to match every skin colour WHERE????

You can see on the swatches how crap is the difference in between my skintone and this base and believe me, I blended it a lot!

The Contour Palette is not any better.

I got the 03 medium dark. I like the little leaflet inside that explains how to use it but that's it.

The dark portion is smooth to apply but once you start to blend it, it just disappears.

I tried to use a bit more but the results are not that better, it's quite difficult not to end up with a big brown patch.

 The white cream is completely useless.

It's not an highlighter, it's not a concealer, it's not a strobing balm, once again L'oreal, explain me, what the hell should I do with this?
It looks like a silicone balm, completely transparent, slightly sheer.

Finally, the Blush. This is nice.

There are 3 options, Soft Rosy, Soft Sand and Nude Beige. I choose Nude Beige but I have to say all of them are beautiful and wearable.

It is actually a trio of an highlighter, a transition shade and the proper blush.

I use a big angled brush to pick all of them, apply on the cheekbones and blend a bit.

There is a good pigmentation and the highlighter bit is actually very good.

The final result is anyway a big mess.

 The NON COLOUR ADAPTING BASE makes me look like somebody with a wrong foundation, not an even complexion or whatsoever, the all sculpting thing is just average and after years and years of other brands doing contouring kits and products, I am sure we all own much better stuff than this.

The only thing I save from the range is probably the brush that of course, I did not buy, silly me.

For me this range is just a "let's put a sculpt world on something cos it will sell for sure" and I would not advise you to waste any money.