Sunday, 26 July 2015


Hello Everybody!

I am writing this post sipping iced tea and lying down on a chaise lounge on the side of the pool, enjoying my summer holidays in South Italy.

How on earth I will come back to hard and cold work life, I still don't know.

A quick post today, just to share the red lipstick I took with me this time.

Every single time I pack my beauty essentials for my holidays, I make sure there are a nude, a bright pink and a red lipsticks.

This time I chose this Collistar Rossetto Mille Baci 55 Rossi Roma from the Antonio Marras collection.

This collection was released last year but some bits are still around eBay and Amazon.

Collistar is one of the most famous Italian make up brands and it really deserves more attention from bloggers and media, IMHO.

This lipstick is soft, creamy but not too tick on the lips.

With just one application the deep bright  red stands out giving a brilliant and intense effect.

I normally apply it straight from the bullet but when I bought it, the MUA in store gave me a little make over, using a flat lip brush to work better the texture of this lipstick and I loved the effect, I must force myself to play a bit more with my basically brand new lip brushes..

The packaging is posher than posh, a glass (yes, glass, you read it right) sultry case with a black sketch from  Antonio Madras and the brand logo on the bullet.

Here are pictures and swatches for you, I hope I made you curious enough to go and check this brand, I bet you will like it.

Speak to you soon, now let's go jumping in the pool.

Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hello make up aficionados,
Today this blogger is a very happy bunny.
If you follow me on Instagram, you will remember that few weeks back I published a picture of a small foundation sample, saying it was one of the best foundation ever tried...shame the label was lost so I didn't have any idea who the maker was.
Now, thanks God, I now which one it was, hence the need to write about it.
I found the little lost label in the drawer, where the sample use to be before I moved it to put it on the dressing table ready to be tried.
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking about the YSL
Yes yes I know, I am a little late on this discovery but when it first came out, I had a go at the counter and it just didn't work for me, but at this point I believe it was just a bad application on a not so clean face like it should be, considering the MUA did not remove my make up beforehand.
I kept the sample in the  drawer where it was forgotten.
When it came to my attention again, tbe label was lost so, without knowing it was the same foundation, I started to use it and it has been PURE LOVE.
It's incredibly smooth with the lighter consistency I have ever tried.
I apply it with a stripping brush, quite quickly because it tents to be absorbed rapidly.
I like full coverage (thanks to my horrible complexion) and I found it incredibly easy to build it up until a nice intense but not heavy effect.
It has got a matte finish but it doesn't dry out or worse, flake all around. I apply some setting powder but I have got the feeling you could skip this stage if you have got dry skin because the finish is absolutely impeccable.
It lasts all day with little need of retouch and comes in a impressive range of 16  shades. I was advised B60 and for your reference, I am normally MAC nc30 and Estee Lauder Doublewear "tawny".
All this joy is not cheap, on the YSL website the Fusion Ink Foundation is £31.50 but I will be more than happy to pay these money to achieve the perfect base we all look for when it comes to make up.
If you like the Armani Maestro, you are gonna love this, blends much better and lasts for longer.
If you are around a YSL counter, ask them a sample and let me know what you think about it.
In the following pictures, you will be able to see some before/after situations, thanks again blogger app for being such a pain and for not letting me organize the picture as I want.

Friday, 10 July 2015


Good Evening my pretty readers,

hope you are all doing ok.

Today's post it's about what we like most: sale and bargains.

During the sale season, the temple of luxury, aka Harvey Nichols, is full of little gems at a discounted price you would never dream of.

I always pay few visits to the Manchester store during the sale days and I manage to find, most of the time, some good deals I would never be able to afford full price.

This time, so far, it's the beauty section that gave me the best result.

REN skincare anybody?

If there is a brand I really would like to know and try better is REN and the glycolactic mask was probably gonna be my next purchase in Space NK.

You can understand how happy I was to find this "Radiance skincare regime" set for only £21.

Inside, there are 4 products:

Micro Polish Cleanser 50ml
Satin Perfection BB cream 15ml
Resurfacing AHA concentrate 2ml
Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask 50ml

Inside the nice decorated tin there is a muslim cloth aswell.

The second purchase had me literally jumping in the shop floor for the joy of finally buying it without going bankrupt.

I first tried the Penhaligon's Peoneve Eau De Parfum at an Harvey Nichols Christmas  bloggers event aaaaaagggeeessss ago.

I find a little sample in the goody bag and it was love at first sniff.

My everyday perfume is Stella by Stella McCartney, a very distinctive peony scent that I adore.

The Peoneve is pure peony. It's more intense and persistent than Stella, the scent is more consistent and lasting effect is much longer.

It was reduced from £88 to £45 for 50ml.

The vintage bottle makes you want to put in on display ad it was a home decor object, so it now belongs to my dressing table, right in the middle.

What are your sale bargain this year?

Wednesday, 8 July 2015



Sometimes I wonder how it's like to blog in the day; for some reason it looks like I can only do it at night, when I should be in bed really, but tonight I am stalking a pair of boots on ebay so I am still here ready for a bids fight.

I still have to know a beauty addict that doesn't own a Urban Decay Naked palette. I don't think it exists.

Well, brace yourself, cos the date of the release of the latest chapter of the Naked saga has been released and it's pretty close.

We are talking about 12 new shades in a sleek, elegant and distinctive case (thanks god they ditched the velvety packaging!).

The palette comes with a look book full of step by step tutorials and a double ended brush.

From the press release, I spotted some ace shades I can't wait to try in between the neutrals and the black and grey tones, like high and smolder.

The Naked Smoky palette will be released on the 30th of July on the Urban Decay official website, where you can subscribe to a waiting list to grab it first (I already did of course) and it's priced £38.

Now let me go back to my ebay war.

Good Night!!

Saturday, 27 June 2015


 Good Afternoon nice People.

You don't need a particular season, a special occasion, a defined reason to do the following things:

- Eat chocolate
-Cuddle your dog/cut/hubby
-Wear a red lipstick
-Buy something pink

That's quite a detailed list of things that make me feel happy.

Today we are talking about point number 3, more specifically about a brand new red lippie that I have been wearing and loving in the past weeks.

 The L.A.Girls flat finish pigment gloss is, have a guess, a matte cream lipstick.

It looks like the list of brand releasing liquid lipsticks is growing day by day and, thanks God for that, together with the expensive ones there are some pretty decent purse friendly alternatives around, as this one.

I spotted it first on Instagram  and after few days of its release I bought it on eBay, where I paid around 5 pounds shipping from USA for it and no custom charges. 

I apply it straight from the sponge  applicator and the creamy formula spreads nicely without being patchy with multiple layering as I have experienced with other similar liquid lipsticks (Bourjois for example).

I normally go for two coats for full coverage.

After few minutes from the application, the sensation left is basically the same of you not wearing lipstick at all.

It is absolutely weightless, velvety,  doesn't dry out the lips, doesn't flake and it's not sticky.

It lasted quite few hours but I had to re-apply it after a meal, well fair enough, if a lipstick can survive a drink and a chat and doesn't land on my front teeth,  it's fine for me.

When I went to re apply it, I did not have to remove the previous layer, it was a quick and easy touch up as for a normal lipstick.

The shade "Obsessed" is a perfect blu based red, but I must warn you that the bright bold shade you see in the pictures tents to fade after a bit after the application, leaving a more intense and matte red.

Here is the link to the Ebay seller I used,Hfor such a bargain price I will probably pick more, there are other 16 shades to explore!


Hello Darlings!

Do you speak Furla? (if you haven't seen the film "I love shopping" you are not getting this pun at all, sorry).

If you don't, let me introduce you to this established world of luxury handbags and accessories made in Italy.

Furla is a very well know brand worldwide and I am sure that, even if you are not familiar with the name, you have spotted somewhere around glossy magazines and high profile bloggers and instagrammers, their iconic glossy jelly candy bag.

The quality and the clean and posh design are the trademark that made Furla so famous and established.

I have never seen a Furla shop or concession before so I literally jumped with excitement when I spotted a new shop in the Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet, especially considering prices are not normally on the cheap side so an outlet is what I really need to shop guilty free.

It took me about 10 minutes in the shop to spot, try and buy this wonderful saffiano leather shopper bag in bright pink.

It was reduced to 80 pounds that, believe me, considering Furla average prices, is peanuts.

This is the easiest style ever for a bag, easy to carry under your arms, safe thanks to the zip and big, large, for somebody that tents to put her entire world inside it.

The quality of the leather and the perfectly refined details are spotted on and the bright pink shade is my DNA.

I paired it with my Fendi-inspired monster charm bought on ebay, my Sister finds it creepy, I find it cute!

Hope you like my bag and remember to go and have a look at the Furla Shop next time you are around the Chesire Oaks Outlet.

Have a great day!

Thursday, 25 June 2015



This year Selfridges is on fire for you!

There is not a week that goes by without a launch, an event, the unveil of new exclusive brands and the renovations of the Selfridges Exchange will have few jaws dropping once completed (the shoes section is to die for!).

One of the new brand we were invited to discover few weeks ago, is Hot!Mess.

Created by the super stylish Tayla-Blue, this is a young, fresh, easy trendy brand that will surely be a must have for the Ibiza and festivals goers.

The collection has launched in Selfridges Birmingham first and now Manchester, with a very soon announced presence in London Oxford Street.

I went with Irena to the event organised for the launch and we had the chance to meet Tayla-Blue in person.

We had a chat about the collection, the inspiration behind it and what the future will bring...expect much more from this girl!

Now, let's talk about the clothes.

I find myself browsing around nice fitting shorts, neon lace shorts and crop tops, Lycra tops and comfy joggers that I would wear with high heels and statement jewellery only.

The Baziic line has a more clean and simple style, I can totally see myself jogging or going to some yoga session, being well admired by all the others.

If you are around Selfridges, go and have a look or, if you really cannot wait, have a look to the Hot!Mess website. 

The cherry on top of the cake is that Hot!Mess supports a charity program to support talented kids.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost

I will talk to you soon!